"Our Great God and Saviour" by Eric Alexander

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Rev. Eric Alexander, Alliance Council member and long time speaker at the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, has just released "Our Great God and Saviour" with The Banner of Truth Trust. While Rev. Alexander always told me he was no writer, this volume stands as an indication we need more of his teaching published.

Next week I will share a few excerpts from the book. But the Alliance is ready to fulfill orders today. Dr. Sinclair Ferguson offers a glowing forward to the volume, while The Banner describes it as:

Eric Alexander's great concern in this series of studies is that Christians should know how rich they are in their gracious God and Saviour, and in His perfect work of salvation. Each study brings out a fresh aspect of this theme, as we contemplate in turn the character of God, the salvation of God, and the Church of God. In words which Rev. Alexander quotes from the works of the puritan Stephen Charnock: "If rich men delight to sum up their vast revenues, to read over their rentals, to look upon their hoards, how much more should the people of God please themselves in seeing how rich they are in having an immensely full and all-sufficient God as their inheritance." These warm and pastorally-directed studies will provide satisfying food for the hearts and minds of Christian readers everywhere.

Thank you Rev. Alexander for this volume and for a lifetime of preaching God's Word, ministering to God's Church, and honoring God in all you do.

Posted July 29, 2010 @ 10:28 AM by Robert Brady

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