Calvinism in the CSM

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The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting article on the revival of Calvinism here.  It is worth reading to the end for the hilarious sociological/psychological analysis of the movement by Phyllis Tickle: the revival is all about reaction to the Emergent Church, a once-every-500-years revolution in Christianity.

Yes, Phyllis, you've rumbled us in your usual inimitable, original, well-documented, and incisive way.  It really is all about you and your interests; and yes, you do represent a movement of semi-millennial importance, worthy to stand alongside the Aristotelian renaissance of the twelfth century, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the Pink Floyd reunion of 2005.  And, if you'll allow me to use some of the EC's own jargon, can I say how I am particularly glad to see that you have managed to avoid the typical American disposition of making yourself, your ax to grind, and your view of the world the norm by which `the Other' always needs to be understood and judged. Well done, old bean!  You are an example to us all.
Posted March 31, 2010 @ 7:52 AM by Carl Trueman

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