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Books, books...

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I have been mulling over the books I most enjoyed reading this past year (limiting myself to those published in 2009): There was Perspectives on Christian Worship: 5 Views , ed. J. Matthew Pinson (B & H Publishers). Actually, six... continue

Christmas Books

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Since I inevitably blog about books I'm reading, many of you already know the books about which I think highly. You can read my thoughts about Introverts in the Church; Counsel from the Cross; and Counterfeit Gods. I also recently... continue

Richard Doster, Crossing the Lines, OR, One more book for Christmas

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Here's one more book for Christmas . . . Richard Doster, Crossing the Lines, A Novel, published by David C. Cook First, for those who would not countenance contemporary fiction . . . Look at the cover.  [You'll have to... continue

Marital Conflict

Article by   December 2009
The latest issue of New York has a generally positive article on Redeemer Presbyterian Church's Tim Keller and his ministry to New York City.  The article includes this gem of a quotation from Dr. Keller, which echoes the whole stream... continue

Books for Christmas

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Why stress the Christmas shopping?  Here are some suggestions to help . . . For the kids:  - The new Pilgrim's Progress, edited by C. J. Lovik and illustrated by Mike Wimmer.  This new Crossway Book is excellent in every... continue

The John Murray lecture on Assurance

Article by   December 2009
Under the auspices of Highland Theological College, Principal Donald Macleod of the Free Church College delivered the annual John Murray lecture on November 20th. This lecture is well worth hearing, and can be downloaded on the website of Greyfriars Free... continue
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