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Imagine what he'd think of email...

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From Hugh Evan Hopkins, Charles Simeon of Cambridge (Eerdmans, 1977), 123-4:Although he wrote so many letters Simeon was very well aware how much better it was, if possible, to talk rather than write, especially when a 'delicate or much-controverted point' arose. With... continue

The secret of Jotham's power

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One of the benefits of having children studying and working in Glasgow is the opportunity to spend time with them, and accompany them to Dowanvale Free Church. Today we heard an outstanding sermon by Rev Kenneth Stewart on the words... continue

Genesis 1: Plenty of Rooom on the Slippery Slope

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Derek cites a Dutch professor, Ellen van Wolde, who is presumably of liberal persuasions, for her novel assertion that bara in Genesis 1 does not mean "create".  But is this really much different from the tactics currently en vogue in our... continue

In the beginning...

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In the beginning God separated pre-existing matter according to the Dutch professor, Ellen van Wolde. In an article that appears here, Professor Wolde claims the Hebrew text of Genesis 1:1 has been mistranslated until -- yes, until she came along... continue

Free Church of Scotland Moderator

Article by   October 2009
The Free Church of Scotland has announced that Rev David Meredith, minister of Smithton-Culloden Free Church, is to be the Moderator of the 2010 General Assembly. More details here. ... continue

Celebrating the Death of Meaning

Article by   October 2009
It has been a good couple of months for the celebrating of life at memorial services.  First, there was the celebration of Michael Jackson's life and then there was Ted Kennedy, enfant terrible turned elder statesman.  Both men, in their... continue

Tim Keller's Review of Willow Creek: What About Gospel Clarity?

Article by   October 2009
Our poor friend Tim Keller suffers the fate of having his every word parsed over a thousand times, which is the inevitable result of the vast influence his every word exerts over the Neo-Evangelical, Young, Restless, and Reformed.  For this... continue
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