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Bunyan's Boldness

Article by   March 2009
In one of his two sermons on Ecclesiastes 9:10 (about doing things with all your might), Charles Spurgeon refers to the imprisonment of John Bunyan, and to Bunyan's undying commitment to preach the gospel, regardless of persecution.  Here is what... continue

Dever to Infiltrate PCA

Article by   March 2009
The letter "from the editor" in the spring issue of ByFaith (the official magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America, in which I serve as a pastor) reports that ByFaith will soon launch an online series about the health of... continue

Psalms Project

Article by   March 2009
At Union University they are sponsoring lectures throughout the year on the Psalms. The first lecture was by John Witvliet, director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and professor of music and worship at Calvin College and Calvin Theological... continue

Guy Waters on N T Wright's new book

Article by   March 2009
Our friends at "Christ the Center" have been discussing N. T. Wright's new book (the response to John Piper) with Dr. Guy Waters. Listen to the broadcasts here.... continue

Mr Nice Guy

Article by   March 2009
I have just finished a series of 38 messages on Ezra/Nehemiah at First Pres, Jackson. Several things struck me as I brought the series to a close. The first was something most consecutive-expository preachers feel at the end of a... continue

Calvin blog

Article by   March 2009
Folks, we are more than capable of an error or two and those keen-eyed followers of our Calvin blog may have noticed a slight glitch in Iain D. Campbell's ordering of the blogs on Monday/Tuesday.  We missed one out and... continue

Shut the Sinner Up to Faith

Article by   March 2009
From a dear brother, William MacKenzie, on page 392 of the book Rich Gleanings from Rabbi Duncan (not our own Rabbi Duncan, the other one): It would not do to tell a man that he may come to Christ, but... continue

Pray for Thabiti's Faithful Witness to the Lord Jesus

Article by   March 2009
As I write, Thabiti is debating a Muslim on the subject "Who Is God and How Are We Saved?" The Muslim representative chose the topic! God is sovereign and gracious, isn't he? I won't disclose the location for obvious reasons.... continue

The PC(USA) Inches Closer to Ordination of Homosexuals

Article by   March 2009
From the Charlotte Observer: In a close vote that reflected deep division, Presbyterian church leaders representing the Charlotte area signaled their support Saturday for ending their denomination's longstanding ban on gays and lesbians becoming pastors and elders. In past years,... continue
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