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After a six month sabbatical at the Wimmin's Empowerment Conversational and Non-Competitive Poetry and Mime Commune in Maine, I am ready to take up my role once again as the Non-Hierarchical Chief Sister in the Barbra Streisand Bible Exploration Ecological Co-Operative at `The Happening' (formerly St Olaf's the Sublime Episcopal Church, Tooting).  This Christmas, not only will we be doing our usual non-verbal Advent bonding ceremony (candles optional -- pets and crystals welcome! Husbands? Forget it sister, it's time to break free!!!) but we'll also be using the following evangelistic material which, I think you will agree, offers a profoundly narratival, non-oppressive approach to the season, with all of the non-propositional truth we have come to expect from those excellent people at Lego.  Check out the Christmas story here and the full site resources here.  What can I say?  Their Moses is much more convincing and far less wooden that Chuck Heston.

Posted December 8, 2008 @ 3:56 PM by Rev Boadicea von Ribbentrop

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