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Today I'm back to work with a full two days of faculty workshop, followed by classes starting next week.  Summer's over, in other words.  It's a good time to reflect on what got done, what got left undone, and what got done that wasn't expected.  Into this latter category, I would have to say what tops my list is tearing my calf muscle nearly two weeks ago.  Summer didn't end like I planned.


Psalm 90 reminds us that life is short, that we're sinful, and that life is full of "toil and trouble," coming to end "like a sigh."  But in this short, sin-filled, and suffering life of ours, we are to look for God's "glorious power," and we are to plead for his favor "to establish the works of our hands."  What's not as explicit in this psalm compared to others is the reason that God establishes the work of our hands.  The reason we find a lace of relief and even reason for joy in this short life of sighs is our Savior, the one who fixed what Adam broke, the one who undid what Adam did. The one who left nothing undone.


It's good to be reminded that we are human and fallen and subject to all kinds of challenges.  It's good to be reminded of our gracious God who pities us in most extraordinary ways.  And it's good to be reminded of our Savior through whom we are made "glad all our days."


By the way, the noble cause in which I received the fatal blow to my calf muscle?  Showing off for my son going off a diving board.  Ah, summer.

Posted August 20, 2008 @ 8:30 AM by Stephen Nichols

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