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Thanks, Carl, for the link to the Wright-Neuhaus.  Despite, as you point out, the increasingly whiny stance of NTW's self-defense, you have to admit that he is pretty feisty.  My favorite, second to his insinuation that Neuhaus was projecting his own Lutheran-Catholic angst onto an Anglican was this rebuttal to Neuhaus' assertion of Rome as "centering authority":

"It cannot be, of course, that Neuhaus is projecting his own experience on to me. He, after all, believes in objective truth, not in perspectival postmodernism. But there you are. Oh, and the "centering authority" in the most ancient church was of course Jerusalem; and then the five great sees, working together; and only gradually, and for a long time controversially, Rome. But that's another story."

This is typical NTW.  Everyone likes him best when he is arguing with one's own opponents.

Posted July 8, 2008 @ 7:12 AM by Rick Phillips

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