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The Only Hope for America

Article by   June 2008
This past April, my wife and I had the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the Westminster Seminary California community as the Westminster Student Association Lecturer. We had a wonderful time and hopefully were able to contribute a bit. My... continue

Remember Those Who Spoke the Word of God to You

Article by   June 2008
Tony Reinke recently snapped some nice photos of Machen's grave.... continue

Anglicans and Islam

Article by   June 2008
Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, has urged the church to make efforts to convert Muslims to the Christian faith.  See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1022491/Bishop-says-collapse-Christianity-wrecking-British-society--Islam-filling-void.htmlHigh-ranking support seems minimal: the Mail (OK, it's the UK equivalent of Fox News.....) says only two other (unnamed) bishops... continue

If you're going to read a list of names, have an accent.

Article by   June 2008
I used to tell people that Sinclair Ferguson could have read the phone book during his lectures and it would have not only been interesting, but profound.  My theory was put to the test not by a Scottish brogue, but... continue
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