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Donald Macleod to receive DD from WTS

Article by   April 2008
The Free Church of Scotland reports it here. It has been my privilege to know Principal Macleod for over twenty years now. He is Principal and Professor of Systematic Theology at the Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh, Scotland.... continue

I, like, totally agree and stuff

Article by   April 2008
Yo.  I'd just like to say that I like, totally agree and stuff with what the Rev Boadicea says.  I mean, when I read the great confessions of the church -- well, when my friends, like, told me about them... continue

Confessionalism and Male Oppression!

Article by   April 2008
In preparing for the time of Bible-empowered sharing at my usual Sunday gig at St Olaf the Sublime, I came upon this outrageous piece of androcentric oppression from one of those dead white males who's gruesome shadow lies so long... continue

Serpent-Sensitive Worship

Article by   April 2008
A very fine column here by our friend Russell Moore on Brian McLaren's recent address at a youth conference at Willow Creek. Make sure to read to the end to see how Russ ties the article together.... continue

The shed blood of Christ: the foundation of Christianity

Article by   April 2008
Another timely word from Horatius Bonar, in "Christ is All": The Piety of Horatius Bonar, ed. Michael A. G. Haykin and Darrin R. Brooker (2007), 79-80:What is Christianity? Not metaphysics, not mysticism, not a compliation of guesses at truth. It... continue

Greetings from Uganda

Article by   April 2008
This is a message from the campus of African Bible University, Uganda, where I am spending a week with my son, Stephen. Along with Rev Burk Parsons of St Andrews Chapel, Florida, editor of Tabletalk, we are involved in the... continue

Polish Catholic Priests stealing sermons

Article by   April 2008
The 28,000 Polish Catholic priests have been reprimanded by Father Wieslaw Przyczyna for plagiarising sermons off the internet. See the story here in Saturday's Guardian newspaper. Rumour has it that some have been downloading Trueman's sermons from the web. Can we... continue

Hymn of the Century

Article by   April 2008
This past weekend we had Keith and Kristyn Getty at the college for a concert.  I know it's quite early in the century, but I will put what's left of my reputation as a church historian on the line... continue

Ministries, Old and New

Article by   April 2008
Reading John Wyclif `On the Pastoral office' with a ThM class this morning, I was struck by how he fulminated against the fact that clergy in his day only wanted to minister at big, lucrative, socially prestigious churches.  Imagine my... continue
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