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I'm on my way back from a conference on eschatology in which we had some spirited defences of postmillennial positions. A few things occur to me... 1. That it is almost pointless trying to squeeze seventeenth century puritans into a category that belongs in the twentieth century. The fact that some may expect a latter-day conversion of ethnic Jews (Romans 11:26) does not necessitate their inclusion in a postmil position.

2. For this reason it seems to me that the careful examinations of Dr. Gaffin asserting that Warfield (and John Murray) are not necessarily to be regarded as postmil are timely. John Murray analysis of Matthew 24-25, for example, is a classic A-Mil interpretation.

3. A view that suggests that the postmil vision (especially its associations with theonomic ideas) could only take root on the soil of North America. I can't imagine a Christian in Bangladesh asserting any such thing.

4. Any eschatology which fails to focus on the next great redemptive event -- the Second Coming -- seems to me to miss the focus of New Testament expectation and hope.

Just thoughts, you understand... in the airport.
Posted March 13, 2008 @ 9:04 AM by Derek Thomas

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