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Lewis and Analogy

Article by   November 2007
I have to weigh in on Phil's side regarding Narnia.  It certainly is true that C.S. Lewis had some doctrinal problems (I find this is a fairly common thing when a very accomplished person comes to faith later in life). ... continue

The Darkness of His Dark Materials

Article by   November 2007
While I believe Carl Trueman is right to caution against an overreaction to Philip Pullman, I still believe that his books, particularly, must be distinguished from Harry Potter, the Arabian Nights, and most other secular literature for children.  Here is... continue

A Category Mistake?

Article by   November 2007
In criticizing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I fear that Carl Trueman may be committing a category mistake.  It is true, of course, and widely known, that C. S. Lewis did not have a fully Reformed theology of... continue

The Loveliness of Christ

Article by   November 2007
Banner of Truth has republished a nice little book of selections from Samuel Rutherford's marvelous pastoral letters.  The book is called The Loveliness of Christ, and it looks to be ideal for devotional use.  Here is one of Rutherford's gems:"If... continue

The Glory of God

Article by   November 2007
A disagreement has broken out on whether or not Tom Schreiner is correct when he suggests (in his forthcoming book, New Testament Theology) that the most basic theme of the New Testament is, "God magnifying himself through Jesus Christ by means... continue

The Foundation of Sanctification

Article by   November 2007
Writing in Five Views of Sanctification, Sinclair Ferguson explains that in Reformed theology, sanctification is "rooted not in humanity and in their achievement of holiness or sanctification, but in what God has done in Christ, and for us in union... continue

Giving Thanks, Even in the Church

Article by   November 2007
In his masterful little book The Elder and His Work, David Dickson writes: "Let people avoid getting into a grudging, grumbling way about church matters, but rather take a hearty, kindly interest in them. Many things in this world, both... continue

After so many years, Wales finally gets culture!

Article by   November 2007 article left me all shook up, especially given the rumours that Rev Steve Caprice is the stage name of none other than Wales' finest, Derek Thomas.  Is this so?  Come on Derek, I think we should be told!... continue

David Brainerd, Part 6

Article by   November 2007
A suitable aspiration for Thanksgiving:"Lord's Day, April 21.--In the morning, calm and composed, with some outgoings of soul after God in secret duties, and longing desires for His presence in the sanctuary and at His table; that His presence might... continue

`Ere we go again

Article by   November 2007
Yes, the Ref21 offices have received news of a book being written on R J Rushdoony, that outstanding historian and scholar, and the aspiring author has requested the editor to call on our beloved friend and occasional blogger, Carl Trueman,... continue
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