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Communion with the Triune God

Article by   October 2007
Kelly Kapic and our own Justin Taylor have just edited John Owen's classic work Communion with the Triune God.  It is everything that one can hope for in theology: Trinitarian, Gospel-centered, passionate, written by a prince among all theologians.  The... continue

The Trueman Show

Article by   October 2007
Carl Trueman was Al Mohler's guest yesterday on Mohler's radio show. Here's a description:At least one prominent evangelical has suggested that the Reformation is "over" and it is time for Protestants and Roman Catholics to reconcile. On today's program, Dr.... continue

Image Makeover for Del?

Article by   October 2007
Some have been emailing asking where I've been.  Well, yesterday I was in Jackson, MS and guess what?  I saw Del emerging from a hairdresser's salon, sans his trademark soul patch and ponytail.  Can it be that Reformed theology's answer... continue

A Gem from Calvin . . .

Article by   October 2007
. . . that I found while mining his Commentary on John for something else entirely:"Whoever is not satisfied with Christ alone, strives after something beyond absolute perfection" (Vol. 18, p. 84).... continue

Touchstone Forum on Evangelicalism

Article by   October 2007
Touchstone Magazine posed the following questions to Russell Moore, John Franke, Darryl Hart, Michael Horton, David Lyle Jeffrey, and Denny Burk: “How do you define ‘Evangelical,’ in a way that distinguishes Evangelicals from other believing Christians? And has this definition... continue

"To Baldly Go"

Article by   October 2007
Carl, great article! Is this part of a forthcoming feschrift for C.J. Mahaney??... continue

David Brainerd, Part 4

Article by   October 2007
"Lord's day, April 18--Retired early this morning into the woods for prayer; had the assistance of God's Spirit, and faith in exercise, and was enabled to plead with fervency for the advancement of Christ's kingdom in the world, and to... continue

Reformation Hymn Festival

Article by   October 2007
Last night was the 8th annual Reformation Hymn Festival at Philadelphia's Tenth Presbyterian Church.  It was a memorable evening of praise.Westminster Seminary California's President, Dr. Robert Godfrey, was the preacher.  He made a simple but important point about the Protestant... continue

Parabolic Movies and Mozart

Article by   October 2007
A potpourri of trivia and gems: first, a warning if you listen to Rick's advice to watch the meerkat saga! He should have told us of the emotional cost of investing sympathy for Mozart and her two sisters! In the space... continue
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