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New Helm Articles

Article by   August 2007
Professor Helm has posted a couple of new articles onto his site:John Calvin's Stroke of GeniusCharles Hodge & the Method of Systematic Theology... continue

Rick Phillips Interview

Article by   August 2007
Ligonier recently interviewed Rick about his his new book, Jesus the Evangelist.... continue

Congrats to Carl

Article by   August 2007
We extend hearty congratulations to our friend and fellow-blogger, Carl Trueman, who was just elected by the Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) faculty as the Vice President for Academic Affairs-elect, as of August 28, 2007. Carl continues his responsibilites as Academic... continue

New Book

Article by   August 2007
Stephen Nichols has just published this very fine book, For Us and Our Salvation (crossway, 2007) which explores the Doctrine of Christ in the Early Church. Nichols' characteristic style is much in evidence (clear, comprehensive, informative, unashamedly polemic) as in... continue

Mother Teresa's Redemption

Article by   August 2007
By now, many will have heard about the recent revelations concerning Mother Teresa of Calcutta's crisis of faith.  The book version is now out, containing her private correspondence with her spiritual mentors, titled Come Be My Light.  The caption quote... continue

An Important Word for us all, from the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy

Article by   August 2007
It's not every day that one has the opportunity to laud the wisdom of the leader of France, but Nicholas Sarkozy has deliverd a gem. In the course of charting out his country's foreign policy, he's managed speak some strategic... continue

9Marks Newsletter on Race

Article by   August 2007
The latest 9Marks newsletter (webpage, PDF) is now online.Hats off to editor Jonathan Leeman for another job well done.... continue

The Theology of Michael Vick

Article by   August 2007
Although I did not see the whole press conference yesterday, it was encouraging to see Michael Vick apologizing for at least some of the things he did and failed to do in connection with dog fighting (which is rightfully regarded... continue

A Great Reformed Evangelist Retires

Article by   August 2007
I was both happy and sad to note the press release announcing the retirement of Dr. D. James Kennedy from the pastorate of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church.  The only reason I was happy was that I know how much this... continue
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