In Appreciation of Richard Muller

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It is good to see John Tweeddale introducing the work of Richard Muller -- a world-class scholar who has done much to rehabilitate a healthy understanding of Reformed theology after Calvin.  I read Muller's works on post-Reformation Reformed dogmatics early in my doctoral studies and they were formative for all of the reading I did thereafter.  My seminary training -- and I expect that this is typical -- didn't cover very much Reformed theology between Calvin and Warfield, but reading Muller helps to open up a rich world of biblical and theological studies.  Interestingly, although my Oxford tutor was not Reformed in his theology, he held Richard Muller in high regard as the scholar who had virtually single-handedly turned the tide against the old arguments that pitted Calvin against the later Calvinists. 
Posted February 15, 2007 @ 8:47 AM by Phil Ryken

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