An American in Paris

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Not quite! Rather, an Englishman in Mississippi.

It's been an education having Dr. Trueman in the heart of Mississippi for few days. Despite the obvious deep-seated, Freudian angst that he's not Welsh, he has managed to deconstruct American culture in scintillating fashion. Most memorable, apart from the orange shirt and striped tie, have been his criticisms of "The Christian Mind" which often ends up defending middle-class virtues and culture, that post-conservatives are not so much guilty of being too critical but of not being critical enough, and his ability to cite Led Zeppelin, Michel Foucault, Karl Marx and Martin Luther in the same sentence! It has been a humbling experience!

And thanks Phil! I have a wonderful memory of being there when you first sang "the hymn."
Posted February 21, 2007 @ 5:39 PM by Derek Thomas

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