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Mark Noll on the KJV in the WSJ

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Mark Noll's interesting comments about the cultural influence of the KJV translation of the Bible in America. In today's Wall Street Journal, the Friday "Houses of Worship" section. Here.... continue

The Boss

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CarlBeen thinking of you, mate! Those poor English dipsticks. Couldn't put a ball in the back of the net to save their lives. Even gangly Rodders could've manged it! Still, we need to make sure the French don't steal the... continue

Mansfield on Feminism

Article by   July 2006
Harvey Mansfield of Harvard on feminism.Harvey C. Mansfield is the William R. Kenan, Jr., professor of government at Harvard University. Dr. Mansfield received his A.B. and Ph.D. from Harvard, where he has taught since 1962. He has also served as... continue

Summary of Actions of the 2006 PCA General Assembly

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Dr. L. Roy Taylor, Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian Church in America, has written a summary of the actions of the 34th PCA GA held in Atlanta June 20-23, 2006. To read it, go here.... continue

The Presbyterian Founder

Article by   July 2006
Happy Independence Day, to our readers from the U.S. For those of you from the rest of the world, July 4 is the day on which we citizens of the U.S.A. celebrate the founding of our nation. It is the... continue

Ron Gleason on Sean Lucas on Presbyterianism

Article by   July 2006
My friend Ron Gleason, reviews my friend Sean Lucas' new book on Presbyterianism. Book Review Sean Michael Lucas, On Being Presbyterian, Our Beliefs, Practices, and Stories, (Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., 2006). 271 pp. reviewed by Ron Gleason,... continue

New book for children

Article by   July 2006
Our very own (at First Presbyterian Church, Jackson that is) Shirley Windham has published a marvellous little book for Parents of young children which we want to recommend enthusiastically. It contains ideas (templates) for encouraging the training of children from... continue

More Anglican-ECUSA News

Article by   July 2006
Reuters reports on moves underway by conservative ECUSA bishops in the wake of the recent decisions, and the election of a liberal, female presiding Bishop.... continue

Anglican-ECUSA News

Article by   July 2006
Three Episcopal Dioceses Reject Presiding Bishop’s Authority, The Washington Post (cf. Episcopal Church To Leave Fold, The Dallas Morning News) New Row Looms Over US Gay Bishops, BBC News... continue
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