April 2006 Archives

The Lord's Supper (Bickersteth) 1

Article by   April 2006
Posted by Derek ThomasSome time ago, I purchased a tiny little volume by Edward Bickersteth,  A Companion to the Holy Communion. This particular edition is the twelfth, published in 1888 and measures 2" X 3". It is a pocket-sized companion... continue

Is the Devil Really in the Details?

Article by   April 2006
A simple, isolated statement about belief in scriptural authority is not enough on its own to distinguish Protestants from Catholics. Some months ago, Wheaton College was thrust into the limelight in circumstances which caused what can only be described as... continue


Article by   April 2006
So how should we deal with the inescapable overload of life in the twenty-first century? Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the things you need to get done, and discouraged by all the things you probably won't? Almost every... continue

Books and Englishmen

Article by   April 2006
Posted by Derek ThomasSo, our twisted sense of humor, as we teased Carl about famous Englishmen, somewhat backfired. To the dozens of you who sent e-mail letting us know that our famous screen personalities were not English, we knew that!... continue
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