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Housewife Theologian and Extravagant Grace

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Aimee Byrd. Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary (P&R, 2013), $12.99.Barbara Duguid. Extravagant Grace: God's Glory Displayed in Our Weakness (P&R, 2013), $12.99.As a pastor I am always keen to commend good books written by women. Two recent... continue

Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed?

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Austin Fischer, the 28 year-old Teaching Pastor at Vista Community Church in Temple, Texas, has written an honest, intelligent, accessible book about why he is no longer Reformed. Lauded by the brightest stars in the Arminian firmament--Scot McKnight, Roger Olson, Greg Boyd, Rachel Held Evans--Fischer is to be commended for writing on such a difficult topic with disarming prose and without biting rancor. I can understand why Christians on the other side of this issue may feel like this is the Book They've Been Waiting For. Of course, given my position as an ordained Reformed pastor it will come as no surprise that I found his arguments ultimately unpersuasive and, in several instances, full of significant weaknesses. continue

Godly Republicanism

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Michael P. Winship. Godly Republicanism: Puritans, Pilgrims, and a City on a Hill. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2013, 339 pp. $45.00/£32.00Michael Winship's Godly Republicanism offers an engaging, meticulously-researched tale of the religious zealots whose conscientious scruples helped give birth... continue

Antinomianism: Reformed Theology's Unwelcome Guest?

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"You Just Might Be an Antinomian" A review of Mark Jones' Antinomianism: Reformed Theology's Unwelcome Guest? Phillipsburg: P&R Publishing, 2013, 176pp, $15.00/£11.00 It's refreshing to read a book whose author has done his homework. Antinomianism is such a book, characterized both by... continue

Treading Through the Tenets:Cumulus Clouds or Cognitive Concrete?

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Last month we began to tread through the Ten Tenets of a covenantal apologetic. We began with a discussion of the importance of beginning our apologetic with the Triune God. This month, we'll expand on Tenet Two. Again, for those who have not read Covenantal Apologetics, the Ten Tenets are these: continue

The Case for the Psalms: Why They are Essential

Article by   February 2014
N. T. Wright, The Case for the Psalms: Why They are Essential. New York: HarperOne, 2013, 208 ppThere was a bit of hesitation when I was asked to write a review of N. T. Wright's book on the Psalms. People... continue
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