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Christians in Conflict over Obamacare

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It is possible that historians will look back on 2013 as a watershed in the relationship of Christianity to American culture. I say this because, while Christians have always needed to face what we might call "soft persecution" in the form of social and career consequences, it seems that starting this year we may experience official and legal persecution for upholding basic Christian values in the face of intolerant government demands. If this is true, it is essential that Christians not shrink back from facing this affliction. If the time has come for believers to accept the kind of persecution experienced elsewhere in the world - China, the Middle East, and Africa - then true disciples of Christ must embrace this challenge with courage, conviction, and prayer. continue

Reading Luther Not Wisely But Well: Part One

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Martin Luther is perhaps the single most important thinker for Protestants. Not that he is the greatest theologian, exegete or even role model. There are other, more qualified candidates for each of those titles. He is, however, the original agenda setter for Protestantism: his focus on justification by faith, his critique of papal authority, and his prioritizing of Word over sacrament have all set basic trajectories for subsequent generations. continue

Zero Dark Thirty

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"A near-perfect movie," said Time magazine's Richard Corliss in reference to Kathryne Bigelow's film, The Hurt Locker,"  a tense military drama following an elite Army bomb squad unit which turned out to be one of the most critically acclaimed films... continue

An Orientation to China's Reforming Churches

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"[M]ore people go to church on Sunday in China than in the whole of Europe." China is now home to more evangelical believers than any other nation, and the church continues to grow and make inroads in every level of Chinese society. Today, tens of millions of Chinese profess faith in Jesus Christ. Such dramatic growth, against the backdrop of modern China, has produced profound and urgent church development needs. As faithful Chinese ministers strive to meet these needs, an increasing number are discovering the rich biblical and theological resources of the Reformed tradition and Presbyterian polity. continue

Vatican Files no.16

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The priestly prayer of the Lord Jesus in John 17 is unanimously recognized as one of the foundational texts, if not the text par excellence, dealing with Christian unity. There our Lord prays to the Father for His disciples to be one. The pattern of their unity is the relational life of the Trinity. As Father and Son are one, so Jesus prays for his disciples that their unity will be "as" the Triune God is one. continue
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