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A Woman's Wisdom

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Lydia Brownback, A Woman's Wisdom: How the book of Proverbs Speaks to Everything, (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2012)."A woman's wisdom? But Proverbs was written to young men!" God has given us special challenges in the wisdom literature of Scripture, in the... continue

Transcendental Meditation

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No, not Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (for Derek and more "seasoned" readers). A question recently came to me from a reader concerning what Cornelius Van Til called the transcendental method of apologetics. The question was whether or not this method could be explained in "simple terms." This question obviously comes from an educated and informed reader. Whether or not it is a question that other readers might have will likely remain a mystery. However, since I committed to answering questions from readers, I am constrained to respond. continue

Much Better Than The Daily Mail

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With the exception of Augustine's Confessions, I am not a big fan of Christian testimonies and autobiographies. Generally, they exhibit one of two problems (sometimes both). The first is the tendency towards a simplistic formula as shaped by the expectations of the specific Christian community to which the author belongs. So experiential Calvinist autobiographers tend to suffer long periods of conviction of sin followed by blessed, if sometimes mystical, assurance. I imagine the current trendy manifestations of reformed hipster theology will probably produce its fair share of people who found that conversion liberated them to watch exactly the same derivative and crass movies they did before, but now with an uncanny, Spirit-filled capacity to spot the redeemer figure in The Dark Knight Rises or The Expendables II. continue

Vatican Files no.13

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Journeys of Faith is the title of a recent book which contains a number of biographical narratives about people in the US context who have changed their Christian allegiance from one church or tradition to another. It is a fascinating account on the complex reality of religious changes in peoples' lives. continue
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