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Is Sandusky Really Such a Bad Guy After All?

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Penn State University's recent scandal and consequences have saturated the newspapers, blogs, and radio and television stations. Sandusky's heretofore-private encounters with young boys are now anything but private, and his years of sexual exploits have ignited societal outrage. If reading of Sandusky's actions in locker rooms and his own basement was not enough, now the public must lug the weight of publicized institutional, personal, and legal sanctions. continue

"Wholly Upon God"

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There are a few questions that readers have submitted that seem to belong to the same generic family. Specifically, questions have come that revolve around the doctrine of Scripture and its relationship to apologetics. These are great questions, and they show an insightful and central focus of the apologetic task. continue

Loving the Way Jesus Loves

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Philip Graham Ryken, Loving the Way Jesus Loves (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2012), 224 pp.Every once in a while, a book comes along that immediately becomes a "must read." Phil Ryken's Loving the Way Jesus Loves is one such book.... continue

No Country for Old Men?

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Last month I had the privilege of giving a short series of lectures to a group of orthodox ministers who are members of a mixed denomination. By 'mixed' I mean a denomination which tolerates a broad range of teaching in her pulpits and in her name, from the orthodox through to the heretical. My lectures were on Paul's answer to deviant teaching and behaviour, the rise of creeds within the early church, and Luther's seven marks of a healthy church. He had two less than Mark Dever but he did remember to include prayer. continue

Vatican Files no. 12

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Every institution has its problems and conflicts.It is part of the fallen human condition to create on-going clashes between people, offices, and services that should work together. Sin is also able to create evil structures that manipulate and maneuver colleague against colleague, friend against friend, etc. The Church is no exception. The problem is that when the Church becomes something else other than what is supposed to be, its operations are often affected for the worse. continue

Begging the Question

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I suspect that those of you who hear a fair amount of preaching have experienced this, haven't you? Somewhere along the line the preacher has been informed that a rhetorical question is a good way to engage his congregation, hasn't he? And so what does he do? Well, he uses them almost relentlessly, doesn't he? Doesn't he make sentences that don't need to be questions into questions? If in doubt - and perhaps this is the most distressing approach - he even throws in some form of interrogation at the end of most sentences, doesn't he? continue
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