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Where has critical appreciation gone?

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The death of John Stott has led to a veritable flood of accolades and uncritical adulation over the last few months. A recent example was the memorial service for him at Wheaton College which raised a number of questions in my mind. One was the issue of what Stott himself would have thought of it. I never met him but he seems to have been a modest and unassuming man by all accounts; it was thus probably a relief to him not to have to be there and listen to the hyperbolic claims being made for him and his ministry by others. continue

Praying Thankfully: A Thanksgiving Meditation

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If ever you find yourself lost for words, there is something you can do. Turn to the Lord's Prayer. It is a model given to us by our Lord Jesus to help us pray. True, we can use it "as is" and repeat its grand petitions. But we can also use it as a model and learn from its structure and proportion how we ought to pray. continue

Review of Tony Reinke, Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books

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In full disclosure, I was really excited when I first heard about Lit!. The idea is genius--writing a book about reading books. It made me stop and think about reading, a crucial part of life that I had done for years but hadn't considered with much intention or precision. (That specific point may say something more about me than the genius of the book idea.) So I ventured into the book with eyes wide open, optimistic about finding something of value in light of the amount of material I read in a vain attempt toward keeping up with the evangelical and Reformed worlds continue

In Pursuit of a Faithful Witness

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Editor's Note: Western missionaries are producing Bible translations that remove "Father," "Son," and "Son of God," due to the offense that Muslims have over these terms for God. In response, the Presbyterian Church in America approved an overture declaring such translations as "unfaithful to God's revealed Word." Yet agencies like Wycliffe and SIL defend the practice, even writing the PCA about the overture. The agencies' appeal, along with a response by PCA pastor Scott Seaton, offers a valuable insight into the current thinking of Wycliffe and the most controversial trend in missions today. continue

The Holy Spirit, His Ministry, and the Preacher of God: Part 2

Article by   November 2011
One final, yet crucial aspect of the Holy Spirit's ministry, which must be considered in relationship to the preacher of God, is that of power. continue
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