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The Holy Spirit, His Ministry, and the Preacher of God

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Brothers, with C. H. Spurgeon, in his classic work Lectures to My Students, I trust we all can say personally, "I believe in the Holy Ghost." However, I wonder how many of us can say of a truth, "I need the Holy Ghost!" continue

The Vatican Files no. 5

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One of the prerogatives of the teaching office of the Pope is to hold the cathedra Petri (Peter's chair). St. Peter's basilica hosts the relics of a chair that tradition traces back to the apostle Peter (though, like most relics, it was produced in the Middle Ages). The cathedra Petri is part of the altar, so as to indicate the unique combination of the teaching and sacramental role of the Pope. continue

Zwischen den Zeiten: D G Hart on the OPC and dialectical identities

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This year marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. To mark the occasion, well-known scholarly historian, Reformed pundit and OPC elder, D G Hart, has written a history of the years 1945 to 1990. Love him or hate him, everything Hart publishes is always provocative and well-written. continue

The End of Christianity?

Article by   October 2011
The End of Christianity is the third installment in Loftus's serial case against the Christian faith. As he's said elsewhere, Loftus is attempting to "overwhelm" the Christian reader. His overall strategy is a parody of the cumulative case for Christianity, only he's laboring to do the same thing in reverse. continue
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