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The Vatican Files N. 3

Article by   June 2011
Papa dixit. The recent interview with Benedict XVI [Editor's Note:] This is the third of a series on Roman Catholicism in the 21st century. A new entry in the series should follow every three weeks].If you were given the opportunity to meet... continue

On Listening to Thin Lizzy

Article by   June 2011
(and reading Frank Schaeffer)As I read Frank Schaeffer's latest book, I kept hearing the sound of Thin Lizzy's `The Boys Are Back In Town' playing in my head.  Why, I wondered, was I being haunted at this moment by the... continue

In the Throes of Ecclesiological Crisis

Article by   June 2011
The Trials and Tribulations of the ARP Church, Part 2Last year about this time I wrote an article for this website entitled "Whither or Wither?: The Trials and Tribulations of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church."  In it I identified a... continue
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