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On Choosing a Seminary

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On Choosing a SeminaryWilliam B. EvansIn my current academic position I do a good deal of pre-seminary advising.  Undergraduate students often come to my office expressing an interest in attending a theological seminary after they complete their bachelor's degree at... continue

The "Royal Wedding"

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and the Historical Background of the CeremonyIntroductionA few weeks ago millions of people all over the world were watching the "Royal Wedding" of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  People were glued to the tube for various reasons--some to see what... continue

Listening to the Gaps

Article by   May 2011
I am sure it has been noticed a thousand times before, but I have noticed it again. We need to listen to the gaps. Let me explain.Error and heresy are not always immediately obvious. To be sure, they can be.... continue

It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over

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Most Christians, if they have heard of Desiderius Erasmus at all, know of him as the man who helped put the Greek New Testament into the hands of churchmen in the sixteenth century and thus paved the way for the... continue
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