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The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way

Article by   April 2011
Michael Horton is a talented theologian and communicator, able to write for those with delicate digestive systems, as well as for the more robustly constituted.  This one-volume, one thousand-odd paged systematic theology is somewhere in the middle of the field.... continue

How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher?

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 In recent months both the elders and the staff team at their meetings have been discussing 'The Trellis and the Vine' by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne, both Australians with many years of ministry experience. The thesis of the book... continue

Brakel on Repentance and Faith

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An anlysis of Brakel's method  in calling sinners to repentance and faithIntroductionCharles Haddon Spurgeon, the 19th century Baptist preacher said "Soul-winning is the chief business of the Christian minister, indeed, it should be the main pursuit of every true believer."  ... continue

Worthy of Our Best Efforts

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In 1839, as now, the British Army was engaged in Afghanistan. Among them was a young soldier called Henry Havelock, a devoted Christian and an outstanding man of valour. Struggling up the ranks (he was then a captain), he had... continue

The Price of Everything

Article by   April 2011
In his memoirs, Hans Küng describes giving a lecture at the time of Vatican II at which the church historians present sniggered. While he saw the Council as this great opportunity for real change, he considered the church historians' reaction... continue

A World of Riches

Article by   April 2011
As Colin Hansen recently reported in a Christianity Today article, in some biblical translations, selected vocabulary has been removed to eliminate cultural stumbling blocks. [1]   For example, missionaries in the 1980's replaced familial language for ostensibly less offensive terms... continue
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