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The Emergence of Legal Christian Publishing in China

Article by   February 2011
An Opportunity for Reformed Christians [1]One of the more remarkable facts about the history of the church is that some of its most significant events were barely noticed at the time of their occurrence. Examples are not hard to find.... continue

Vatican Files N. 1

Article by   February 2011
[Editor's Note:] This is the first of a seven-part series on Roman Catholicism in the 21st century. A new entry in the series should follow every three weeks].Setting up a new Pontifical Council is not something that happens often in... continue

Why I Believe in the One Great Heresy

Article by   February 2011
Why I Believe in the One Great HeresyIn the evangelical churches of today, there are numerous great heresies which one holds at one's social and cultural peril.  If you do not agree with the ordination of women, you are likely... continue

Justification and the Literary Imagination

Article by   February 2011
The function of the literary imagination is to incarnate meaning in concrete images, characters, events, and settings rather than abstract or propositional arguments.  To use the formula of Dorothy Sayers, the imagination images forth its subject, and in turn it... continue
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