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The Christian and his Books

Article by   November 2010
"...the books especially the parchments..." 2Tim 4:13Surely, you have heard the expression, "You are what you eat."  The gist of this axiom is that our physical health generally reflects the nutritional value of the food we consume.  We would like... continue

A Disciple's Disposition

Article by   November 2010
If you were to choose one phrase to describe yourself, what would it be? One might argue that, for the apostle Paul, it would be this: "a bondservant of Jesus Christ." He uses it repeatedly to describe his privileged status... continue

Gratitude for Grace in Ministry

Article by   November 2010
Do you have a critical, jaded spirit towards the church? [1] Albert Mohler, in a 2009 episode of his talk show, asked, "Why Do Pastors Leave the Ministry?" noting the troubling trend that evangelical ministers are staying in congregations for shorter... continue

I Blame Jefferson

Article by   November 2010
A Dissenting Voice on Lausanne IIIThomas Jefferson was no orthodox Christian but I have a deep suspicion that he should take significant responsibility for one of the greatest myths that currently dogs the church in the modern world.   In... continue
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