September 2010 Archives

Auld Reekie, reeks no more

Article by   September 2010
In days gone by when the smoke of countless coal fires curled into the winter air, Edinburgh had the nick-name "Auld Reekie," which being translated is 'Old Smokie' - not to be mistaken for some eponymous but indeterminate Appalachian mountain... continue

We Are Not Saved by Grace

Article by   September 2010
John Bunyan believed that Christians are saved by grace. Of course. It was what everyone seemed to say. The thought left him pretty miserable, though. In fact, when he really thought about it, it left him profoundly depressed. God is... continue

The True Repentance of an Inconvenient Jester

Article by   September 2010
Some months ago, a Presbyterian magazine criticized a response I had made to comments about me by a certain well-known writer in a popular Christian publication.  My response, the writer declared in good, contemporary fashion, was unfortunate because it contained... continue

Introducing Paul: A review

Article by   September 2010
American humorist Mark Twain once wrote a correspondent, "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." To explain a matter succinctly without sacrificing depth, penetration, or clarity tests the mettle of any... continue
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