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Cravings and Conflicts

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Cravings and ConflictsJames 4:1-2C.J. Mahaney It has been ten years now since the first godly young man requested permission to marry one of my daughters. Today, all three girls are married and it brings me great joy to observe my... continue

Hang on There, Trotter

Article by   July 2007
Posted July 24, 2007 I'm a fan of Rodney Trotter and his other personalities. I mostly agree with his points. However, his response, "Nein", to Phil was so weak I just had to write in. Phil makes the point that... continue

Entertaining Ourselves to Death

Article by   July 2007
Ours is the first generation of Christians that has seriously asked the question, how much time can I spend on entertaining myself? In all the reading I have done in the sixteenth and seventeenth century, I have never once come... continue

Salvation Belongs to the Lord: An Introduction to Systematic Theology

Article by   July 2007
John Frame's new book is very fine. In 25 chapters he takes the reader through a crash-course in systematics. The chapters contain many wise judgments, much sound teaching, and good emphases. When caution is needed, Frame is cautious; when boldness... continue

Reclaiming the Body: Christians and the Faithful Use of Medicine

Article by   July 2007
This reviewer writes as a practicing Christian physician and not as a theologian, philosopher, or formal educator. This perspective allows me extremely practical insight into the views and positions proposed by the two authors as they seek to apply the... continue
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